Rondò is an innovative flooring: a single element, easy to use, in a unique size, but with many finishes available. Its special tooling process featuring rounded bevels gives the surface a smooth and comfortable aspect, thus providing pleasent sensations to both the touch and sight that are enhanced by the naturalness of the wood.


Length: 360mm
Width 120mm
Thickness: 15mm
Top layer 5,2mm oak
Middle layer: 5,5mm fir
Lower layer: 4,3 mm oak

Finish: Brushed
Processed with a set of brushes that remove the most tender part of the grain, leaving the harder fiber intact. With this process we obtain a particularly natural and modern effect. Beveled on 4 sides.

Finish: Hand planed
Expert craftsmen use traditional blade planers to hand plane the floor just as was done in the old days. Planing makes the floor extremely soft to the touch and to the eye, giving the sensation of stepping back in time. Beveled on 4 sides.

Finish: Sandblasted
An exclusive Mardegan Legno process done entirely by hand. Slow sandblasting removes the most tender part of the fiber from the wood, creating a surface that appears to be worn out by time and enhancing the natural sensation typical of the wood species. Beveled on 4 sides.