The first step to make excellent wood floors is an accurate choice of wood. Our company pays great attention to raw material quality. We only select trees that are grown in European woods, supervised and protected by strict economical, environmental and social standards, in compliance with the most recent EU Timber Regulation no 995/2010. Protection of the environment according to international accredited standards is a guideline of our production system.
The high quality of our raw material comes from the respect of the rhythms of nature. Trees must be cut at the right time. Only waiting for the right time to cut trees, we get stable wood which keeps its features unchanged over years. This is the reason why logs are cut straight in our factory, producing 8-mm thick lamellas. We start our productive process from the log to select its most suitable section and make unparalleled wood floors. Knowledge and skills behind these choices are handed down to new generations by expert craftsmen.
The second production phase after cutting, natural wood aging and stocking, considerably improve the performance of our wood floors. This is why our company employs dedicated ovens for drying.
Lamellas are naturally seasoned and dried for about one year to reach the moisture average content of 7%, plus/minus 2%, as stated by the European rule. They are then stocked in our controlled temperature and moisture levels warehouse. When clients place orders, lamellas are used as a top layer in a sandwich that can be three or two layers, according to size and overall thickness of strip or board.
Lamellas are the constant subject of thorough controls. Indeed, during this particular step there is an accurate selection according to strict quality parameters, such as appearance, size, and correct calibration. All lamellas which are not in compliance with our requirements are sorted out. Our strict quality assurance is aimed to offer our clients the warranty of stable and lasting quality as well as accuracy and respect of dimensional standards.
Wood begins taking shape of strips, planks and boards according to their final use and destination. Our company is equipped with high precision automated assembly lines. Wood sandwich is first assembled fastening the layers with non-toxic glues and then hot-pressed to ensure glue grip and avoid possible detachments. Materials and procedures ensure durability and are in compliance with the EU standard that are aimed to protect consumer health through low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol.
Tongue & groove joints are accurately worked in order to connect and lay down wood floor elements properly. Joints need to be carefully engineered in order to ensure an easy and at the same time clear-cut assembly. This prevents any split or irregularity between wood floor elements.
At this stage, wood floor structure is ready for the final touch: the exclusive Mardegan surface treatment and finishing, that set our products apart from all others. Surface finishing is rigorously handcrafted, element by element. During this stage, the skills and experience of our craftsmen are vital. Thanks to their knowledge, second to none, tradition and innovation merge together to get unparalleled results. Several finishing processes, like smoothing, brushing, rounding off, hand planing, wearing out, sand-blasting, hand carving, sawing give our wood floors their distinctive and peculiar characteristics: smooth, soft, aged, natural, irregular, worn out, three-dimensional and so on. A distinctive feature of all our wood floors, no matter the finishing, is our exclusive soft touch: our product are beautiful to be seen and pleasant to be touched. Innovation is a Mardegan tradition: new hand made finishing are developed each year to get new and amazing effect.


Our colour range is the widest in the wood flooring market. Our water-based varnishing is particularly appreciated. It consists of a UV-based drying with a final natural effect. Only formaldehyde-free and non-toxic materials are used. Further product benefits of our coating system are an easy ordinary maintenance of our wood floors, as well as an excellent resistance to dirt and wear and tear. It is also available an exclusive “Hardwax” treatment, based on non-toxic oil/wax materials. It gives our wood floors a distinctive natural effect and good wear and tear resistance.