Mardegan Legno has always made ​​the choice to stand on the side of nature. That is why we have recently joined the FSC® certification, as we felt it is the right way to officially highlight the issues of forests protection.


Wood is Mardegan Legno’ s main business. Is the raw material that inspires us every day and we daily strive to enhance. Our direct experience with wood, built in step by step, allowed us to get to know the value of this natural resource, making us aware that it is not only the source of our work, but an asset to be protected.


Thanks to FSC® certification, now Mardegan Legno’s commitment to a production system in harmony with nature is guaranteed by the authorities who are committed to protect the environmental heritage.


This certificate is issued by the Forest Stewardship Council®, an international NGO that ensures that the raw material used to manufacture a wood product comes from forests that are managed and protected according to strict environmental, social and economic rules.


The choice to join the program of FSC® environmental sustainability is for MARDEGAN LEGNO a natural step forward, being in tune with the values of the company. Obtaining this certification is a further recognition of the commitment to act consciously and responsibly in the respect of forests.


To choose a wood floor Mardegan Legno means making a choice of quality; is not only the certainty of being able to enjoy a refined flooring, created with passion and attention to detail, but also the expression of a product create in the full respect of the environment that surrounds us.